Writings from my journal. 6 December 2018. Bali, Indonesia.

5 more days in Bali. Beautiful Bali.

Beautiful with its rituals, nature, mindful living, smiles, positivity. That’s what charges me here. It warms me, how compassionate the people are. With how much love they do something. Even for thousandth time. I truly admire that. They are, or seem to be, content.

Tourists and people who settled here for longer, could learn about mindful living by only watching the lifestyle of the locals. Connecting with them.

I look around me and see so much noise. The simplicity of life made complicated. Distraction wherever I look, which is making it harder to connect with real Bali. The peacefulness, the stillness within. Simplifying.

Many call their ‘old home’ the matrix. But is their old home really that different from here? There, being ‘caught’ in the culture of speed. Here in Bali, caught in all ‘spiritual’ events, gatherings. Different distraction, but still distraction. Far away from stillness.

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