Shaking-off perfection

Thank you Gloria Gaynor for this song. It gives me a positive and strong feeling. Day 3 juice fasting is on!


On day 1 I had a little ‘crisis’. What is the best thing to do? Cold-pressed, fresh juices I assumed. At least, that’s what the juice fast of my friend recommends. Also bottled spring water. I was not prepared at all. No slow juicer at home, no fresh vegetables or fruits. I asked several friends if 1. They had a slow juicer at home 2. I could borrow their slow juicer. Only one friend owns a slow juicer, uses it almost every day but she offered me making juices at her place. It was already past noon. I returned the bottles with spring water to the supermarket, figuring we have super clean tap water in the Netherlands and decided it was good enough for me. I did not hear back yet from my ‘slow juice friend’, about what days and times I could come by. So I continued walking from the supermarket to the organic store.

I arrived at the organic store, returned two juices in carton packages as I decided that was definitely not fresh enough. Still did not hear from my friend. Pfffff, what to do? It was almost 1 PM. Buying cold-pressed juices from an organic café? Damn, I am on low-budget at the moment, not having a job and paying all I do from my savings. That would cost me like… 200 euro? Then, the whole time-management with the friend, buying all fresh vegetables and fruits. I realized I should have prepared better if I wanted to go that road. So, what to do? I walked to the glass-bottled juices in the organic store and checked them out. Googled a bit around and DECIDED (very proud of myself haha) to go for the LuneaTerra juice fast. Clear explanation (Dutch version:check it out here), affordable price, good quality. I bought the sauerkraut juice for day 1 and a few others for the days after.

Juice fasting
Juice fasting

The juices are biodynamic and lacto-fermented. The benefits of eating (or in this case: drinking) foods with live Lactobacillus bacteria include a healthier digestive system and fast recovery from yeast infections. Sounds good to me! Also the other benefits of lacto-fermentation like immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory. Read more about lacto-fermentation here.

Juice fasting
A cup of vegetable broth in the evening is delicious.

How is it going?

Let’s start off with the juices. The sauerkraut juice? I honestly liked it haha. I am not such a sweet-tooth, perhaps that helps? The mixed vegetable juices are delicious. I also bought a good quality vegetable broth. Feels good to drink a cup in the evening, nice and warm in the belly. I drink several herbal teas, water and sometimes a glass of organic fruit juice, like apple juice, if I feel like it. Physically, I definitely feel weaker. Even going for a walk, requires way more energy than usual. I am quite an active person and it’s bothering me on an emotional level to feel this way. In sense of my hunger and appetite, so far so good. I have cravings for sure, but it’s ok. My mum was having a warm bowl of cereal in front of me this morning. Of course, it would have been nice to have one too. It’s also something social, eating. I am a passionate cook and not being able to cook food, is quite challenging on my emotional level. Yesterday, I made a nice salad for dinner for my mum. I was happy doing this, working with ingredients, creating something. That’s what I love to do. Glad she also liked it haha (as I did not taste it before serving).


The afternoon and evening of day 1 I spent at home and in my bed. Day 2, I visited a friend in the morning, went to the sauna in my gym and took the train to my parents. It was way easier, having activities, to get through the day. Less thoughts and time passes by way faster. My energy level is lower than usual, but it still feels good to go for a walk, do some light activities like writing this post 😉

Today is day 3. The morning was fine. At this right moment I feel like sh*t though. A bit too ambitious, visiting an amazing organic store here in Germany with my mum with great products. Got quite some self-discipline, but this was simply too much. Well, learning by doing. It’s only my first juice fast. Just back home, had some juice and now in bed relaxing.

When do I stop? I want to go with my intuition. Now, it tells me that 7 days is simply too long. 7 means basically 11, as you need to add (at least) two days in advance building off and two days after building up. Let’s see how I feel after today. One day at the time 🙂

One thing I keep learning is that there is no perfection. To simply do what feels good, trust my intuition. I notice that when I keep things simple, it’s way more enjoyable. Letting go of perfection, information about how it ‘should be’, opinions and suggestions of people. Not easy, not there yet and might not there ever 100%. But definitely I have grown in the past few years. Isn’t that what’s life about?

To be continued!

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