Giving my gut a break

7 days on juice. Excitement, anxiety. One moment I am full of positivity and joy about this juice fast. The other moment I am anxious: 7 days on juice, water and herbal tea.

Juice fasting
Can’t wait to taste you again delicious watermelon juice. Bali, Indonesia.

Story about my gut

The most important one is my sensitive gut and never-ending digestive issues. Bloating, which causes pain and lots of discomfort. Constipation. I tried multiple things like eating slower and chewing better, eating clean natural food most of the time, cutting out different ‘suspicious’ products like meat, milk, cabbage, beans, onions and garlic. It is a struggle, each time I eat, having this ‘fear’ for the response of my gut. If I am super bloated after a meal, I obviously don’t feel super comfortable to go out, do social things. And it sucks.

Beginning of this year I did a stool test and they found the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. About 30-40 percent of people in the Netherlands carry this bacteria in their stomach and it does not cause any symptoms. But with some people, it does. It can break down the inner protective coating and cause inflammation, which leads to gastritis or a peptic ulcer. The way to treat it? Antibiotics. I have a huge aversion to antibiotics. But as the doctors really believe it’s the cause of my problems and knowing this bacteria can even cause stomach cancer, I surrendered to the antibiotic treatment. Glad I was once it was done, not even mentioning the terrible allergic reaction I got from the antibiotics.

3 months later, a new stool test to check if the antibiotics worked. H.pylori: negative! Happiness overload. My digestive system though? Still a pain in the ass (yes also literally…). My doctor directed me to a specialist in gastroenterology. Multiple tests again. Guess what? H.pylori: positive. I finished another intense 10-day antibiotic treatment about one week ago. Since then I am struggling with terrible cramps after eating and bloatiness.

Time to heal

Some months ago I spoke with a good friend of mine about juice fasting. Cleaning, resetting the gut by only drinking juices, herbal teas and water. It triggered me because I never gave my gut a break. The whole day I am eating a broad variety of foods and drinks. Perhaps, a break, would give my digestive system time to heal. Perhaps not 100%, but partly. As interested and motivated as I was, I can’t deny I was (and am) not nervous or anxious. I love cooking and baking. Food plays a huge role in my daily life and taking that away…. A juice fast will not only challenge me physically and emotionally, also mentally. But also that, is a good thing. Learning to let go.

Today is day 1. It’s already 5PM and so far, I am doing fine. I have cravings, my belly is making weird sounds. Drinking warm herbal tea, water and juice helps. I also slept for an hour this afternoon. I will go for a little walk soon and go to bed early. I want to make the 7 days, but I will listen to my intuition carefully and if it tells me to stop after 3 days or 5, I will.

To be continued…

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